Importance of Security Audit Services

Making use of security audit solutions is relevant for the following reasons:
1. Identification of Vulnerabilities: Vulnerability scanning as a part of a security audit can help with the identification of vulnerabilities or loopholes present within the system. This is important as it can help in fixing them before any harmful attacks take place.

2. Establishment of Baseline: Audits can establish a healthy outline for security based on which future audits and their results can be compared. This can help improve the systems in place making them more secure and less prone to attacks.

3. External Compliance: These are mandates or rules and regulations set forth externally by the government for any industry and are enforced by the authorities, for example, PCI-DSS. These compliances need to be followed meticulously to avoid penalties and the smooth running of businesses.

4. Internal Compliance: These are internally established controls for policies and procedures that will help the business go as smoothly as possible. It is set and enforced by members of the company itself.

5. Security Training: Security audits are important in the sense they can help assess all safety aspects of a company including the methods and security procedures followed by employees to ensure the safety of records and data. If any areas of lacking are found appropriate training can be given to remedy the situation.