HBA is our Senior Systems Support member

HBA is our Senior Systems Support member with a diploma is Computer Hardware Engineering coupled with over 25 years’ experience in the hardware/support services.

Certifications MCP, MCSE, CCNA & CCNA2 (ICND)
Platforms Microsoft WinXP. 2000, 2007,8.0. 8.1, and windows 10, Server Windows NT 4.0 win 2000, 2003. 2008, MS Office 2010.2013. 2016
Technologies Microsoft office 365 implementation. 2000.2007.2010;

Remote services Via Internet with different Apps  – team viewer, Any desk, VNC; Ammy admin.

Point to point and point to multiple connections over different mediums such as Bridges Radio Modems ADSL And VDSL Routers LAN Wan; Mail Server MDaemon,

Microsoft Exchange Server,  and VOIP Services DATA Server.

Print Servers and other Direct and Remote services CCTV and IP Cams as well